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What is there left to tell about being human? After the hundreds books I did not read. Thousands of academic papers written but never read Millions of songs and poems I did not understand. Taking myself less and less seriously

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Stagnated and uncompleted Cycles/Transitions

Unattended tensions broulliages, and painful or unbearable losses in Western families (e.g. children or one parent deceased) frequently result in stagnated or uncompleted transitions (life transitions). Virtuous cycles in social systems may turn into ‘vicious cycles’. What is not good

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Comparing Apples with Oranges

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Graceland SSSWCBS

The song Graceland of Paul Simon, on his album with the same title, is an  example of ‘saying/singing something which cannot be said’ (SSSWCBS). Any song of importance contains a SSSWCBS message in everyday language and even more in scientific language.

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We all live in them, they facilitate our living over generations, we are born, grow old and die in them, we make love in them and our (grand)children are born in them. Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, grandparents are all

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If I could say it, I wouldn’t have to dance it, would I?

“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it” This quote of the famous dancer Isadora Duncan is of importance for ‘selfreflecting’ (Western) academics and scientists. It was used by Gregory Bateson to

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What is a (cybernetic) system?

What does Gregory Bateson means in his analysis with a ‘cybernetics system’ ….Morris Berman in his ‘The Reenchantment of the World‘ (1984) writes: …Another way of stating it might be to say that the system is self-corrective in the direction

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