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Stagnated and uncompleted Cycles/Transitions

Unattended tensions broulliages, and painful or unbearable losses in Western families (e.g. children or one parent deceased) frequently result in stagnated or uncompleted transitions (life transitions). Virtuous cycles in social systems may turn into ‘vicious cycles’. What is not good

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We, westerners, are collectively suffering from ‘anorexia natura’. …to express ‘eternal love’ to your ‘just met love of your life’ seemsm preposterous. To find the ideal partner, to search for your soulmate, to surf the net for years for the

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Young Men’s Deviance as Feedback to System Error

Until recently I struggled with some missing link in my three decades of clinical fieldwork research among and lecturing/writing about young men in trouble. Their disordering communication patterns (deviancy) had some important meaning. It signaled something vital for the context

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