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Gender-complementarity is so self-evident that we, in urbanized societies, have forgotten the daily wisdom of it.
Seminal anthropologist Margaret Mead wrte Male & Female in 1949 in which she compared four indigenous societies how females and males cooperated.
Conclusion: gender roles may change untill they are each others opposites but their worlds/domains are always biologically, socially and culturally.
They idea that men and women are two and the ‘ywain shall never meet’ is a western man-made (culture bound) predicament

(read HERE the contents and summary of the book which contains 20 publications of the author between 1992-2017) In the past decades, criminal, dangerous, violent, and radicalizing young men have drawn much attention in social sciences and public debates. Hardly any …

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“If I could tell you what it meant, there would be no point in dancing it” This quote of the famous dancer Isadora Duncan is of importance for ‘selfreflecting’ (Western) academics and scientists. It was used by Gregory Bateson to …

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Science intends to look for and offer understanding/options for at least man-made, if not natural, human suffering. However we (westernized) social scientists do have, looking closely at our (public) time/money investments the last hundred years, a bad track record. We …

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We, westerners, are collectively suffering from ‘anorexia natura’. …to express ‘eternal love’ to your ‘just met love of your life’ seemsm preposterous. To find the ideal partner, to search for your soulmate, to surf the net for years for the …