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Rituals are memory lanes to our animal paradise

(read HERE the contents and summary of the book which contains 20 publications of the author between 1992-2017) In the past decades, criminal, dangerous, violent, and radicalizing young men have drawn much attention in social sciences and public debates. Hardly any …

Young Men as Whistleblowers (Dirck van Bekkum forthcoming 2019) Read More »

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To stay in touch with our distant animal pasts we, humans,  frequently ‘need to eat humble pie‘ and get into ‘transitional (liminal/sacred/ritual) spaces‘ and experience ‘communitas‘. These are our aboriginal ways to keep our collective minds (souls/hearts/bodies) sane and whole. …

Sport, Play and Loteries as As-If Communication Patterns Read More »

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Unattended tensions broulliages, and painful or unbearable losses in Western families (e.g. children or one parent deceased) frequently result in stagnated or uncompleted transitions (life transitions). Virtuous cycles in social systems may turn into ‘vicious cycles’. What is not good …

Stagnated and uncompleted Cycles/Transitions Read More »

What does Gregory Bateson means in his analysis with a ‘cybernetics system’ ….Morris Berman in his ‘The Reenchantment of the World‘ (1984) writes: …Another way of stating it might be to say that the system is self-corrective in the direction …

What is a (cybernetic) system? Read More »

What we, anthropologists and urbanized people, call humanization and progress has a dark side. Only very recently, 10.000 years, we started living in cities while our ‘aboriginal’ (indigenous people’s) past lasted about 2,5 millions years. The ‘urbanizing era’ lasted only …

Aboriginal rituals synchronize us with ‘how nature works’ Read More »

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Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch.