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Practical mythology is not studying some exotic event/phenomenon but a rather useful way to re-order your/our daily realities to changed environments. We humans need rituals to transform these realities.

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only a tiny bit I see… to wonder again and again my life on this earth loved ONES as WE see more how many of us does it take in Grace …. Sacred Spaces learning to see as WE again …

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(read HERE the contents and summary of the book which contains 20 publications of the author between 1992-2017) In the past decades, criminal, dangerous, violent, and radicalizing young men have drawn much attention in social sciences and public debates. Hardly any …

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The ‘Standing Rock Sioux’ native American Vine Deloria jr. published in 1972 a book ‘We Talk, You Listen’ which was in German translated as’Ony Tribes Wil Survive (Nur Stämme werden überleben).

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Football (transgenerational fan) communities and indigenous communities have more in common from an anthropological gaze as we might expect. Anthropology, for already 150 years, tries to understand what are differences and similarities between small-scale and our large-scale (national) societies. From …

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